Road Construction Additives

Cellulose Pellets for SMA Roads and Calcined Bauxite for High Friction Surfacing

Road Construction Additives

Cellulose Pellets for SMA Roads and Calcined Bauxite for High Friction Surfacing

Our company has a niche range of products for the production of roads designed to improve and facilitate the laying of asphalt mixes and surfacing products for roads.

The products are used throughout the world by the largest and leading manufactures of roads in most regions. There are different requirements for the additive qualities in different countries. We have produced all our products from the highest quality raw materials and our strict quality control procedures have resulted in our product obtaining the highest of quality.

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Cellbit and Cellbit 10 – Cellulose Pellets

Raw wood cellulose pellets mixed or not mixed with bitumen for the construction of mainly SMA roads or highway projects.

Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) was developed in Germany 30 years ago.Since then it has spread throughout Europe and across the world. In Germany alone approx. 100 million square metres are applied every year. The resistance to permanent deformation on heavily trafficked roads is a result of the high content of large sized aggregates. This causes a distinct mineral aggregate distribution, hence SMA is also known as gap graded asphalt. The aggregate structure is firmly bonded together by a strong aphalt mastics consisting of sand, filler, bitumen binder and CELLBIT 10 fibres.

Cellbit CB – Calcined Bauxite for High Friction Surfacing

Calcined Bauxite used for High Friction Surfacing for Roads. We have 2 types, Buff and Grey Bauxite, all meeting the world standards.

Calcined bauxite is also an extremely hard aggregate and retains the edges and facets produced at the time of crushing for the life of the treatment, this property greatly enhances the skid resistant properties of these surfaces over the use of natural aggregates.

`Hot’ applied is a thermoplastic resin screed, consisting of a pre-mixed resin binder matrix incorporating calcined bauxite aggregate.

‘Cold’ applied is when a ‘scatter coat’ of calcined bauxite aggregate dressing is laid upon a layer of thermosetting resin.