We offer a wide range of steel fibres for flooring, shotcrete, precast and structural applications, as a result of our continuous R&D efforts to offer new and competitive products for each specific application. All our fibres are made of high strength cold drawn wire or steel sheets and produced by meeting highest quality requirements.

We have our own production lines in China and molds that we use to produce or own Steel fibers. There is definite advantage in quality control and certainly the raw material price when producing these fibers ourselves in a country that is cheaper to develop items such as this. I am sure that a high majority of steel fibers originate in China, as the majority of steel raw material would have been imported from China. We also do have limited overheads, so our prices are very attractive.

Fiberpro Steel Fibres confirm to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) – A 820 specifications and are available in various shapes, sizes, strengths and aspect ratios.
Concrete – world’s most widely used structural material develops cracks because of many reasons. The reasons may be attributed to various factors, mainly due to inherent weakness of the concrete to resist tensile forces.

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) technology is widely used in Europe, USA, UK, Australia and many other parts of Asia.

Our products have been thoroughly tested and confirm with all world standards. We have completed projects for many large companies such as Ford, Volkswagon, Metro, Gree, ZC Rubber, Budweiser, Mazda and many more. These logos can be used and found on google.