Cellbit CB – Calcined Bauxite for High Friction Surfacing

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Calcined Bauxite used for High Friction Surfacing for Roads. We have 2 types, Buff and Grey Bauxite, all meeting the world standards.

Calcined bauxite is also an extremely hard aggregate and retains the edges and facets produced at the time of crushing for the life of the treatment, this property greatly enhances the skid resistant properties of these surfaces over the use of natural aggregates.

High Friction Surfacing (HFS), commonly termed Anti-skid, usually consists of 1-3mm calcined bauxite aggregate. It is applied to a bituminous surfacing in two ways, as `hot’ applied or a ‘cold’ applied system.

`Hot’ applied is a thermoplastic resin screed, consisting of a pre-mixed resin binder matrix incorporating calcined bauxite aggregate.

‘Cold’ applied is when a ‘scatter coat’ of calcined bauxite aggregate dressing is laid upon a layer of thermosetting resin.

Either buff coloured or mid to dark grey bauxite can be used, however pigmentation is not recommended if wishing to achieve a coloured HFS surface. As grinning/shadow usually results in time within the wheel tracks of the natural bauxite colouration.