About Us

Welcome To CJ Asia Pacific

CJ Asia Pacific Trading Co Ltd is owned by an Australian partner who operate’s throughout the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong is International Trading hub that is easily accessible to many manufacturing markets in the region. It also allows for a cost saving operation which results in better returns for all parties involved.

The Director, Dean Jarrett has been in Asia for over 15 years, and throughout these years has travelled the region on more than 100 business trips, mostly through all provinces of China. He has sourced OEM factories for many Australian and US corporations on a consultancy basis which continue to produce quality products that are weekly shipped throughout the world.

Dean has had the opportunity to get involved with some of the largest and richest companies in China, such as Sinopec, Sinosteel Guangzhou/Dong and Petro China. As a consultant for these companies the experience was extremely valuable and has led to a long term successful business in other areas.

The knowledge and experienced gained from travelling to a very large percentage of the Chinese manufacturing plants has rewarded CJ Asia Pacific Kong Trading some niche products that comfortably meet the needs in all markets throughout the world. China has seen some vast changes over the past 10 years, and prices have risen with the state of the economy, hence the need for a expert team to cut down these overheads and meet the demands of our partners.

Dean and his team in China are continuously on the road visiting new factories, logistic companies and fellow traders to keep up with the latest and best technology in their field. Each year the company’s staff attends numerous exhibitions in China and abroad.

In Australia our representatives overlook all aspects of purchasing and logistics to consolidate the service expected by all customers. The main office is on the Gold Coast, Miami, with Sam Tancred managing the operations and his team of sales representatives are always available and only a phone call away.